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VW Camper Gallery 1

Here is a selection of photographs showing some of the campers we have rebuilt and handed back to their proud owners. For many owning a VW Camper is living the dream and as in any dream everything has to be perfect.

  Mr Blundell's Camper picture 1 Mr Blundell's camper - picture 2 

  Mr Clarkson's Camper picture 1 Mr Clarkson's Camper picture 2 

  Mr Clarkson's Camper picture 3 Andy Beeforth's Camper 

 Mr J Booth's Camper Mr J Bousfield's Bay picture 1

 Mr J Bousfield's Bay Picture 2 Mr J Hamilton's Camper - Picture 1

 Mr J Hunter's Camper Mr J Marshall's Camper

  Mr J Hunter's Camper Picture 2 Mr J Hamilton's Camper - Picture 2 

 Mr M Routledge's Camper Mike Routledge's Camper

 Mr R Sweeting's Camper Barry Maxey's Camper Nearly Finished

 Mr Paul Howe's Caravelle Mr R H Hampson - Picture 1

 Mr R H Hampson - Picture 2 Mr R H Hampson - Picture 3


DJ Autospray Home
"Des and his small team worked tirelessly on my van renovation. The back to bare metal experience was excellent.  The step by step advice and discussions were invaluable in planning the work.

A full re-spray, new interior and reconditioned engine set me up for a two month tour of Spain and Morroco. That was three years ago and the van still turn’s heads.

I would wholeheartedly endorse the workmanship carried out ........"


Andrew Beeforth (OBE), Cockermouth. UK.